Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thanks Robert Reich before we got used to Trump tweets

Got to thank former labor secretary Robert Reich for this one on Trump!

We need more people like Prof Reich calling Trump out publicly for who and what he is. If this doesn't happen enough in public then people are going to get used to him and he take America down with him to new lows in indecency, cronyism and corruption. His party, the Congress and its leaders should be wagging fingers at him but they are not. They are acting that their party and their jobs are more important than their republic. So much for their patriotism, these are vile people and millions of fools still supporting them. Looks like they need to learn the hard way.

When Trump appears on TV, responsible parents should be very alert and if necessary take their kids away. He is very often a bad influence and a terrible example.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Terrex? Just wait long long

Three meetings between APL and HK customs officials over many hours that you thought they were in love and dating each other and still we are no wiser why they are holding our Terrex vehicles.

I have written before there are no reasons good enough for public consumption and increasingly it looks like this is simply a tactic of "wait long long" a very Chinese approach before they release the armor vehicles to us without reason.

Probably one day one of their senior leaders will tell our leaders why it happened. Anyway you cannot believe wholesale what Global Times say about this. Meanwhile we will sail directly from Taiwan to Singapore as the lesson to take away from this experience.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Six lessons for all about Trump

As observed by Bill Emmott the former editor of the Economist warning us what to expect from Trump from the example of the former feckless Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi.

Four years is too long. I can't wait to see Trump impeached. As long as he is on the job the world just feels less safe.

Specool Quick Charge Powerbank

Paid about $26 at Qoo10 for this powerbank including shipping which arrived today. Like it that it has Quick Charge. This replaces the Xiaomi I bought in 2014 which could not longer hold its charge well. I had expected better but in the end it was the first free power bank from GP batteries which came free with the Canon S100 that is still working like new. That was in March 2013.

I think we have five Xiaomi powerbanks and three of them no longer keep its charge well. None of them more than two years old.

Galaxy Note 7 was too good to be true

The testing lab Instrumental has investigated and proposed why the Note 7 was prone to catching fire. Basically the Note 7 according to them had always from its designed a device that was too good to be true. No doubt Samsung would likely in private counter that with claims that they have mastered (they did not!) how to build the industry tightest batteries that upon expansion would not cause it to become shorted causing it to catch fire or explode.

Finally there is a possible reason why I would just have to stick with my Note 4 until there is a Note 8. May be Samsung will terminate the line and replace it with something else? The Note brand carries too much baggage.

From a broader perspective the poor record of industrial and safety mishaps in Korea suggest that they are often reckless. So are the Chinese, in fact they are worse but that is another story.

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Chinese learn to read Trump

China's leaders had watched Trump on the campaign trail. Like previous presidential campaigns they had hoped Trump would be a different person once in office because as Obama quoted Cuomo who died recently, said you campaign in poetry but govern in prose. Well with Trump that could not be more wrong. I think we all know Trump cannot change or adapt but that possibility was just too terrible to contemplate. Now there is no ambiguity left. Your hopes and prayers are not answered.

To put it most mildly it would be a wild ride in the days ahead. The ignoramus Trump never understood why diplomacy is conducted the way it is. Historically kingdoms had paid in coin, blood and territory to develop today's norms in international relations.

How to deal with Trump? Always figure how to give him rope which he will eventually need to hang himself. He is a fool in the Biblical sense. He can calculate one, two steps ahead but have no idea how everything will eventually come together to work against him.


I was impatient reading this story from the WSJ, Keep wondering how quickly I can get to the end of it and yet not speeding along too much till I missed too much and have to return to some point and move forward again. My reaction? What the hell the FBI thought they were doing? Cocky investigators who have a tunnel vision with a cocksure attitude with no idea how the world outside their world work and yet tasked with poking their fingers everywhere. The value of this read? To have an understanding what Hillary Clinton endured. History will be kind to her but that takes time for people to discover. It was never a choice between her and Trump. There was no comparison. Voters have chosen the wrong person but more damning were those who didn't make the effort to go out and vote against Trump.

Conclusion? In vital ways the FBI trying to keep America safer has inadvertently made their country more vulnerable. In diplomacy and spying between the human and the technology, the human always win. Israel know this intimately and has kept them safe.

As usual I am reminded of Churchill's aphorism about the American tendency to try every dumb idea before hitting on the right one.