Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stephen Hawking and Christians

My ex boss shared this with me in an email and I looked it up on Bloomberg.

It was a very good read by Nathan Myhrvold but then I thought of what Christians had in the past remarked to me about Prof Hawking: he is going to hell because he is an atheist.

I took the opportunity to share these thoughts in my reply to her email.

Incredible spirit Stephen Hawking had. No wonder it took so many years for his illness to knock him out.

On some occasions Christians have pointed out to me that Stephen Hawking is going to hell because he is an atheist. I wished these people would first care about their own fate before worrying about others. Being the celebrity he was I wasn't surprised to just Googled and find this at Time:

Well I think not a few atheists would wake up from death into heaven. I don't know which ones. I am less sure about Christians though.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Bullying in Parliament

A friend sent me this, the Facebook post by Tan Cheng Bock: Be gracious in parliament.

PAP MPs and Ministers have to bear this in mind, carve it on their hearts as well. If you bully defenseless others, the public will take it out on you. The merit of your logic becomes lost and irrelevant. As politicians you have failed badly even if you may be able administrators.

I have written in this space many years ago that politicians must be politicians and not try to be civil servants passing themselves off as politicians and political leaders, worse as moral leaders.

As persuaders they get a failed grade from me. What is the use if you have workable plans (I don't think anywhere near the best because they lack courage) but cannot sell it to the people. It is as good as you have no plan.

These PAP types are so full of themselves, so arrogant and condescending to others. Sure, they happened to also been known to be humble but it is all show and no substance, often choreographed. These are not humble folks. They have no idea what humility is, which unfortunately is too rare anywhere in this world. Therefore they succeed with "having no airs" which is just show-humility to be the real thing. Even their president is on this.

I feel sad for Singapore. The PAP have gutted and gamed the system that we have no choice but them. This moral corruption could potentially end Singapore's success. These self serving creatures starting from the PM who are in the dark of their hypocrisy. How else can they live with it right? But the public is not fooled.

This is the failing fourth generation PAP leaders. Can't they learn anything from DPM Tharman?

Update: 8:50 pm

I just came from reading Indranee Rajah's post on this matter. I never said the PAP were wrong about the facts or they were bad administrators but they are lousy politicians and communicators. The following are some of the response from the public to her post and see the number of likes on them.

Indranee and her colleagues must be puzzled why people cannot be persuaded. Well they are out of touch. That is the challenge they must learn to overcome. You are a politician and not a civil servant. Your logic is sound but so what?

Long ago, Sim Wong Hoo made the better MP3 player but it was the inferior but also quite good Apple iPod which won the day. Sim was too much of an engineer just as you PAP types are too much of a civil servant. As Philip Yeo advised, let the civil servants get on with their jobs and you better learn to be better politicians.

The trouble with you PAP types is that you are just like the lumberjacks who after many years of successfully cutting down trees look at every problem as you have always viewed them. But you are no longer lumberjacks so why are you still working your old jobs in your newer roles? This is the ultimate evidence of poor accountability in our political system that you can get away with such. Of course we voters would not tolerate this.

So it was never the merits of your logic but your arrogant and bullying attitude we are faulting.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Harder to make it on YouTube now

It was almost ten years ago when I felt something like this would happen. YouTube had decimated my neat little DVD enterprise and I had switched to picking advert dollars than direct sales. Not as good but it saved me much time preparing discs to ship out.

A few months into this I decided this thing is only going to get harder and I am likely to look back and feel that it was not worth it. I had no idea how it might happen but I am sure some day it would. You know, you can fall from the sky with a parachute or free fall. Whatever, you are falling to earth and that is good enough for me to decide this is not the path to take.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

$2 health screening

Not bad at all! Paid $2 for the health screening at the community center with folks from NTFGH people doing it. Afterward we were each given this. This is much better than what we got back in 2015.

I couldn't finish and that is my secret of passing all these health screening and before employment health screening test. People eat too much and beyond the limit you body becomes a dustbin and a recycling plant.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Rehabilitating William Farquhar

Got to return this to the library in about two weeks time, wondering how I am going to find the time to even read half of it. I could only read at most a chapter thus far and that was when I was so tired and needed a break. Some serious break indeed.

William Farquhar reminded me of Wu Zetian whose reputation was also rehabilitated when further evidence was unearthed. Unlike Empress Wu, MG Farquhar redemption has come much sooner. I think Farquhar is out of luck though because Singapore is heavily invested in Raffles legacy and myth making. How are we going to deal with this? Especially next year is the 200th anniversary of Raffles founding of Singapore